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Land of Zombie

1.Our world has occupied by zombies! Fortunately we find a safe farm as our base.
2.We can get gold by planting various crops. There are dozens of crops you can plant.
3.Recruit survivors. There are warriors, gunners, doctors, farmers and so on. They will help you to protect you base.
4.Destroy the zombies. Reclaim the cities. There are more than 200 cities waiting you to reclaim.
5.Get in touch with other players. You can help each other. They may have something what you want. The exchange of goods is the key to survive.
6.Collect materials. You can make equipment for survivors. If you want to win the battle, that’s important.
7.Decorative function will be updated soon. You can create a unique base for yourself!

Mo Kung-fu

n the ancient and mysterious east, there is a mountain named Klippe. Long long ago,a hundred years old warrior came to the mountain. He lives under a giant tree on the klippe from then on. Nobody knows how tall the tree is. Please come with the warrior to challenge yourself to the limit.


To the left or to the right,Biu-Biu shooting, with a limited life, to create the highest score.